Friday, April 23, 2010

Talenti Gelato -- Caribbean Coconut

I am a big Ben & Jerry's and Hagan Daaz ice cream fan. Recently I picked up something different -- Talenti Gelato.They have a website
I looked at the back and was amazed at how healthy it is. Something new to try. Here is the back.

It is Vegetarian, Green, all-natural, gluten free, Hormone free, HFCS free, all natural and kosher. There are 4 servings per container at 190 calories with 70 calories from fat.
 I am use to eating those other ice creams which have a lot of flavor. The flavor for this gelato is Caribbean Coconut.

On the Talenti site they describe this gelato as "Tender, moist shredded coconut imported from the Philippines adds an exotic and inspiring natural element  to traditional flavors. "

The gelato was very good but the coconut flavor was not as distinct as I would have liked it to be. Despite that I think I would be willing to try another flavor.


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