Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easter Eggs and Recipes to Satisfy

I have been very busy. This economy definitely keeps you on your toes. I am always looking for new business opportunities and trying something new. I have been so busy I have been unable to make any jewelry, but I am looking forward to putting forth the time.

I haven't been reading as much either. I should have finished the book that I have been reading by now. I am happy I will have more time starting on Friday, although I also have to catch up on work.

I have also been watching the world's going through Twitter. I have been using the add-on Twitbin with Mozilla Firefox. Twitter is great for learning. I found blogs by people in my field along with other tips and trends which can really be quite helpful. A big topic at this time has been the swine flu.

For Easter my family and I went to Old Lyme to The Hideaway Restaurant.
I had their veal roast for dinner. I really wanted lamb but was disappointed because they sold out. The meal was excellent and they were very busy.

While we were there we also celebrated my mother's birthday. My brother and I bought my mother a cake from Take the Cake! in Guilford, CT.
Their cakes are divine. This cake was terrific. This cake is a White Chocolate Mousse cake and it was rich and wonderful. It was perfect and not to sweet.

The one thing I have made time to do is write. I wrote an article for small businesses, Strategizing Your U.S. Business in a Global Economy, Role Model: Daphne Millbrook of Heroes, Power Plus Money Equals Success, and Queenie: The Life and Times of Merle Oberon. With everything that has been going on at in the business and financial markets I couldn't help but add information of what I saw that was happening with businesses that I have worked with.

I also cooked up some wonderful meals for my boyfriend. He is big for Caesar Salad Wraps. I made him and Easy Baked Caesar Salmon. I found this recipe along with the other below on Recipezaar.Chris loved the flavor and it was really easy to make. Their were only seven ingredients. It is a 30 minute meal!

We also had a Honey Curry Chicken. This was excellent also.
This recipe only had seven ingredients and did not take that long to put together, but this took an hour to bake.

I did have some time to do a little crafting. I did some decoupaging.
Here is a great hint for a book to get great pictures for decoupaging -- use an FTD catalog.

Have fun and happy living!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What is life that is not busy?

What is a life that is not busy? I try to keep mine busy at that. Recently I became sick and am on antibodics which is in no way fun. I also purchased my first pair of Keds. They are very comfortable.
I loved them so much I wrote an article about them. They are a classic sneaker I have to say. I also wrote an article on Autolycus "The Prince of Thieves".

I am also the very proud owner of my first Vera Bradley handbag. It is the Little Betsy from the Hope Garden collection. It was such a surprise to receive since it was not even my birthday.

This is the time of many events. My father's birthday just passed along with my niece's in which myself and my boyfriend gave her a homemade French Memo Board. My Mother's birthday is in the middle of the week, and then of course, Easter. Spring really gets me into the spring of things.

We recently dined at the Equinox Diner in Orange. It was worth the trip and am intent on going back. We also went to the Baja Restaurant. Although the food was quite good we didn't care for the atmosphere.

Today we are having a peaceful Sunday at home. Chris is drawing and I am working on my writing and other projects. I am a bit behind in my reading and have not finished The Egyptian. The week may be slow but life will be speeding up by next weekend.