Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's a Good Life with Iced Matcha Latte

This is my Iced Matcha Latte. I followed the recipe found on Appetite for China. Diana, at Appetite for China, has a beautiful picture of the latte on her blog. It is really a cool and simple beverage. For this recipe I used a cocktail shaker, so the recipe was really easy to make and healthy.
I used Matcha DNA which I found on Amazon.  I was pricing all the green tea powders, and thought that this was worth the price. It came out to about thirty cents  to one teaspoon in terms of price which I thought was fair. When I received the package.

I drink my Iced Matcha Latte while I listen to  a podcast on my iPhone. Today I am listening to. the Good Life Project.
Jonathan Fields interviews many types of entrepreneurs and learns their journeys. Many of their lives are very creative, and much of their lives deal with helping people, and overcoming some sort of obstacle. Many of the stories are very inspiring. The podcast can be found here.

A fine way to relax and put your feet up.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why Alton Brown was Right About Cucumber Water

This picture may not look like very much, but this is my homemade cucumber water. The thought came to me recently when I was listening to the Alton Brown Podcast.  Alton confessed his love for lemonade to quench his thirst, but his true love of cucumber water.
I became very curious of cucumber water since I have drunk lots of glasses of lemonade, and wanted to see what makes cucumber water so special.

Cucumber water is actually crisp and refreshing to drink. If you want you can stick in a piece of cucumber and a piece of lemon, and some ice cubes. You can even add mint. I keep my water in the refrigerator when I am not chugging away.

There are a many recipes for cucumber water on the internet.

I have a water container in the refrigerator so that I always have cold water. I took a medium sized cucumber and scrubbed it well, and took off about half the skin and cut it into slices. I then took the pieces of cucumber and put them into a cheesecloth type piece of fabric and stuck that into the water container, and placed the cover back on top and placed it in the refrigerator. You can throw out the cucumber the next day.

Within an hour my water tasted like cucumber. I was drinking more of it than regular water.

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