Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pancakes and Mud Pie Ice Cream

April 15th is around the corner. If you haven't done your taxes, you should or file for an extension. The IRS can help you if need be with necessary forms, and also has free file assistance available from such places as TurboTax.I know no one likes to talk or think about taxes, but they have to be done.

So let us switch to a new topic like pancakes. Every Sunday growing up my Mother make us pancakes, and here is what she used. In my family we have a secret ingredient that makes the pancakes light and fluffy. Other restaurants cannot compare.
After you mix the ingredients for Aunt Jemima Original you have to let the mix rise.
The batter is beautiful. Then it is time to prepare them.

Here is the finished product. Something yummy for the tummy.

I tried a new Ben & Jerry's favor -- Mud Pie - Chocolate & Coffee Liqueur Ice Creams Swirled Together with a Chocolate Cookie Swirl.
Here is what it looks like when you take off the cover...

You can taste the Irish cream coffee liqueur and chocolate. I love the way Ben & Jerry's mix their flavors. If it is not the right combination it just won't do and I won't finish that pint of ice cream.

Last night I published an article called A Letter to Congress. I am so disappointed in our elected congressional officials, I wanted to express my opinion about them not getting things done among other things.

The people have a voice and they should speak - LOUDLY.

Until next time,

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