Thursday, April 29, 2010

M&Ms Coconut and Jewelry Scrapbooking

Recently while on the M&Ms website I found out about a new M&M flavor - Coconut. I did not even notice until I purchased a single serving package that one package contains 210 calories.
Here are the M&Ms out of the bag.

The M&Ms taste like the Almond Joy candy bar because you also taste chocolate. The one difference between the M&Ms and the candy bar is that the M&Ms taste like itty bitty Almond Joys where you taste a little bit more chocolate and a lot less coconut then the candy bar.

I also took a trip recently to the scrap booking store in my area -- The Scrapebook Clubhouse in Westbrook, CT.
 II don't do scrap booking as much as you know that I make jewelry. There are some scrap book items made by Ranger which you can add to your jewelry which can make your jewelry that much more creative.
I can not wait to use them. I am trying to become more creative with my jewelry ideas, while still having a classic vintage look.

I also went to a charity event at my high school and I test road a Ford Fusion hybrid. I have never driven a car that is electrical.

2010 Ford Fusion photographed in Washington, D...

Until next time; remember,  try new things and visit new places.

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