Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: Other People's Money at the Ivoryton Playhouse

Image courtesy of the Ivoryton Playhouse
Other People's Money, the last time I heard those words uttered concerned the movie which was released originally on October 18, 1991 starring Danny DeVito. It was based on the play written by Jerry Sterner, which is the play being performed right now at the Ivoryton Playhouse.

Edward Kasser* (pictured above) plays Lawrence Garfinkle, a Corporate Raider interested in Rhode Island's New England Wire and Cable.

Gary Allen Poe* is Andrew "Jorgy" Jorgenson,the owner Rhode Island business

Dennis Fox* plays William Coles, the President who runs the company

Denise Walker plays Bea Sullivan, Jorgy's assistant

Elizabeth Donnelly*(pictured above) is Kate Sullivan, Bea's daughter

The story involves issues of ethics as well as social and economic justice versus objectivism or capitalism.  This is a game of strategy and power and money. Jerry Sterner, the man who wrote the play, spent much of his life in business before play writing that is why this story is so interesting.

Maggie McGlone Jennings directs this production.

See the world of business from the top down. The actors performed their parts to a tee; the stage fit the scene, and the actors were fitted to fit their parts. I personally would love to own the shoes worn by Ms. Donnelly. The only message left is to go and see the show!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Cake that Cassandra Made

 This is what I started with to make my cake for my birthday party.  I decided on a Strawberry Cake for Spring because the day before I had been outside for The Big Event with Quinnipiac University and my team was working outside and it was 39 degrees. We were all freezing but we worked hard despite the cold.
Along time ago I took a cake decorating class and although I enjoyed it I found I had some difficulty I found I was very much the perfectionist when it comes to creating the little roses, leaves, flowers, and etc.
Recently I attended the Cake Decorating with King Arthur Flour - Community Education Series hosted by Chef Dennis Littley and King Arthur Flour. The hangout renewed my interest in cake decorating once more.
 I purchased Wilton 9 inch cake pans just for the occasion from my local Jo-ann Fabrics store.
I sprayed the pan with no-stick cooking spray and the cakes came out of the pan very easily.
 I trimmed one of the cakes, but I don't know where my head was (actually I must have been having one of those blonde moments) because I didn't trim the top of the other cake as I should have.
 I purchased 2 cans of vanilla frosting.

 In order to not pull up the crumbs you have to really pile up the frosting.
 Now the inside of the cake is pink that is why I used the pink decorator frosting.
You can see the cake split, and this because I didn't trim the other cake. Split cake or not, the cake still tasted wonderfully.

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