Friday, December 7, 2012

Pacific Natural Foods Thai Sweet Potato Soup

I am a big Butternut Squash Soup fan and have made it as well as purchased the soup. Sometimes the best way to find new things to make is to purchase the meal (whether at a restaurant or in the grocery store) and try it. This time I decided to try Pacific Natural Foods Thai Sweet Potato Soup.
According to the Pacific website this soup's description is Tasting our Thai Sweet Potato soup is like discovering the soul of Thai cooking.  Sweet potatoes and winter squash are combined with South Asian flavors of coconut, lemongrass, lime, red chili pepper and ginger for a mouthwatering treat that will not only awaken your tastebuds, but your sense of adventure.

This soup is very spicy and enjoyable. It has little bits of sweet potato and winter squash floating in the soup. You can also see bright little flecks of red which are the chili pepper. If you want to cool down the spiciness you can also add something such as oyster crackers.

Here is the nutritional information I found on the site
The one thing I would change about this particular soup is the size of the box. I personally feel the size of the carton is too small. I would rather have a larger box for 4 servings.

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