Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Banana Omelet

This omelet was excellent. And just think, this was a dish served in the 1930s. I did do a slight spin of my own to the recipe, but all I can tell you is this omelet was good.
When Everybody Ate at Schrafft's by Joan Kanel Slomanson. Schrafft's was a candy factory based in Sullivan Square, Charlestown, Massachusetts constructed in 1928. They later opened a restaurant chain nationwide.
Here is the recipe found on page 109 of the book.

Banana Omelet with Bacon Curls (1930)
1. Peel a banana, cut into 1/4'inch slices, and sprinkle with 1 tsp. lemon juice.
2. Saute 1/3 of the banana (8 slices) in 1 Tbsp. butter until very light brown. (I sauteed half of the slices instead).
3. Lightly whisk 2 eggs, cook in 1 Tbsp. butter to make omelets, and just before folding add the sauteed banana. (I instead added the other half of the banana while the egg was still cooking, folded the omelet and added thew sauteed banana to the top. )
4. Bacon curls are made by rolling up slices of raw bacon, placing them on a rack in a pan, and baking in oven until crisp. Serve 1 curl on each side of the omelet.  (The bacon to me was optional so I opted out.)
That is what I call yummy!

I leave you with this quote:

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