Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bunny Rabbits, Ice Cream and Glee

Here is one of my neighbors. My boyfriend loves bunnies and rescued one last year from the dreadful lawnmower outside of our apartment.
I seem to be on a roll this Summer with ice cream and new flavors to try. I love Haagan Daaz and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.  The latest flavor I tried recently is Boston Cream Pie.
Here it is with the cover off.
This has a really wonderful flavor. It is very creamy like the yellow cream busting out of the Boston cream pie.

Glee is the hottest television show. When I turn on the television all I hear about is all the celebrities who want to participate. Glee brings back the return of the musicals. Chris Colfer who plays Kurt was on Ellen, and she expressed an interest to be on the show. I have enjoyed watching all the guest stars. Sue Sylvester is a character you just love to hate.
Chris Colfer at the Glee Premiere Party, Santa...

Image via Wikipedia

You see Chris above. John Stamos I heard is joining the cast. I can not wait to see more of the drama.

Enjoy your day and watch some Glee.

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