Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Original Soupman Crab and Corn Chowder

I brought home two boxes of soup and showed them to my boyfriend. Here is one of the boxes. On the back of the box it mentions the Seinfeld show and the Soup line at the Soup Kitchen. Would you believe, I am not a big fan of Seinfeld, even though I do appreciate some of the actors who came from the show. Here is the back of the box.
Here is a link to the website. If you look at their website you will see they make a bunch of different soups, and if you happen to be in NYC you can stop by the Soup Kitchen and try some. The grocery store I went to only had three available. 
The Original Soup Man logo
The Original Soup Man logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to their website their credo is "To make the best soup in the world!"
Here is the soup, hot out of the microwave. It is not the most glamorous of photos. It tasted good for a box chowder. The best are always homemade but if you don't have time to make a batch yourself maybe you might try  The Original Soupman
I checked the box with Buycott and it rated GMO free for anyone who is watching GMOs

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