Thursday, November 3, 2011

Theater Tonight!

Tonight I am off to the theater - Ivoryton Playhouse to be exact. They are doing The Woman in Black
image courtesy of the Ivoryton playhouse
The play stars Steven L. Barron who was last seen in the 2010 production Driving Miss Daisy and  Ian Lowe.  The show was directed by Maggie McGlone-Jennings. The story is based on the novel by Susan Hill. It is sure to be a success. 

On another note this is what I had for dinner last night.
Yes, it is a television dinner but it is healthy and I don't like to make it a habit of eating frozen dinners. If you are going to eat healthy one of the better frozen meals to chose is Amy's. Here is what the meal looks like fresh out of the oven.
It was tasty but I would not recommend a frozen dinner on a regular basis. 

While I did have a frozen meal for dinner I did have time to do a little more writing that was fun - Role Model: Arthur "Artie" Abrams of Glee