Monday, September 26, 2011

The Pearl Harbor Bridge, New Haven CT Construction

Monday through Friday I drive to work across the Pearl Harbor (Quinnipiac)  bridge. I am one of the many commuters. It has taken the construction workers some time to get where they are today on the bridge.Considering this is my first time seeing a bridge of this size being built. It is cool and I have been taking pictures because it is really cool and I want to share.
 I tried to put them in order coming from I95 South.
This is before the bridge with the new entrance to downtown New Haven coming up on the right.
 These are the roads you see as the cars are coming up from downtown New Haven onto the bridge.
This is on the original bridge looking at the new bridge on the right hand side.
Here is where the cables are suppose to go through. This bridge is definitely going to be different than the last.
This is even closer. This was a lot of work considering I was driving. This is when I am thankful sometimes that there is traffic. The more traffic on the highway the slower you travel.
This last picture is not my own. This is a rendering of what the bridge will look like when its finished.  It can be found on the I95 New Haven website which can be found at this link.

By 2015 they are expecting I95 to have 140,000 vehicles traveling this route.

At this link you can find the designer information.

Here is the link where you can find out more information about I95 in Connecticut in New Haven.