Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cake Pops and The Irish

Have you tried a cake pop today? If you haven't I suggest you get down there right away because this one I had was scrumptious along with a red velvet whoopie cake.

And the Irish...and How They Got That Way was excellent.
Image courtesy of the Ivoryton Playhouse
Above in the image you will see the cast.  Starting from the left is Morgan Crowley, who came from Ireland just for the show, Kathleen Mulready, who was last seen in Finian's Rainbow at the Ivoryton Playhouse, Michael McDermott, who reprised his role from 2007 at the Playhouse, and Annie Kerins.

Morgan Crowley performs an ever so touching Danny Boy, that captures the hearts of the audience. Michael McDermott knocks the audience off their feet as a reporter trying to get an obituary. Annie Kerins and  Kathleen Mulready round out the cast to make this St. Patrick's Day that much more green. This show was lots of fun.

Stop by a Starbucks and pick up a cake pop, then book a ticket to see The Irish at the Ivoryton Playhouse.

You'll love them both.

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