Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Bread Adventure continued: Oatmeal Bread with Molasses

Homemade oatmeal bread with molasses! #bread #...
Homemade oatmeal bread with molasses! #bread #homemade via caseygoduti
I am a big oatmeal fan. I was just thrilled when I came across this oatmeal bread recipe. You could add molasses or honey to add extra flavor and color. I decided to try the molasses. My Mother had molasses in her cabinet and she told me she hardly ever used it. So I decided to try it.
It definitely had nice flavor. This recipe made two loaves. If you are going to get good at making bread you have to make lots of bread.
I found this recipe in Fannie Flagg's Cookbook.
When I mentioned I put molasses in it, everyone thought it would taste like molasses but surprise, surprise it didn't.
Have to try the bread with honey.
I actually am not big on carbs in my diet. I try to stick with one carb at one meal a day. So that doesn't leave room for a lot of bread (or it means my bread just lasts a lot longer). There is always plenty to share.
What comes next is the recipe.

The bread was worth the time I spent making it, and everyone enjoyed it.

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