Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Pork Creation

Pork roast with a butternut squash crust #pork...
Pork roast with a butternut squash crust #pork #butternut #squash #roast via caseygoduti

Have you ever had a moment of inspiration that turned itself into something totally amazing. That was what it was like for me, in the creation of the dish above. I literally created this dish at the grocery store, while thinking of the leftovers I wanted to use in the refrigerator.

This meal was made in two parts.

The first part was the butternut squash mixture, where I roasted the butternut squash, mashed it, and added ginger, Chinese 5-spice, Duck Sauce, Soy Sauce, celery and garlic.

"Let's see, I have half a butternut squash mash mixture I used for stuffing potstickers Asian style. What do I want to do with it?"

The only meat that came to mind to me was a pork loin.
Putting the pork loin in the pan, I poured sesame oil over the top and placed the butternut squash mixture on like a crust. I then stuck a thermometer into the pork and put it into a 350f  oven. I put 1/2 cup white wine into the button of the pan and cooked the pork until it reached 170F.

When it was done it was moist and juicy and a real treat.

It is not that often that I come up with such a creative meal. I was really proud of myself.

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