Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back to Trader Joe's

I have been busy. Between at work and at home I can not stand TOLL FREE CALLS. They have a better chance of me picking up the phone if the caller ID has a company name. I attached an article I wrote sometime ago. In the world of caller ID it is useless to keep calling anyone. The reality is if they call a home 15 times and no one answers, it is more than likely no one wants to talk to them. It is also harassment.

I did wrote an article or two. I have an affinity toward social media and became interested in Klout. So I wrote an article of some of what I observed. There are so many social media metrics they all give you some bit of information that can be useful.

I also wrote an article on some products that are useful with my ipod nano. I love to play my ipod in shuffle mode. My mother told me that the ipod uses more power when you have it shuffle and so I don't run on out of when listening to the ipod in the car. I also like to be able to charge my ipod in the wall socket as oppose to the computer all the time. So I thought I would share.

The last bit of information I have to share deals with a meal I bought at Trader Joe/s.

Trader's Joe's Shepherd's Pie. You have the choice of cooking the meal in the microwave or in the oven. I choose the oven.

Here is the meal out of the box, icy and cold.

Here is the cooked meal, and unfortunately I would not recommend buying it. It was very bland and watery. I believe the water came from all the ice from it being frozen. It did not do it for me.

Trust me this meal is not that great.

On another note, recently on saw the movie Inside Job. It is very interesting. Matt Damon narrates this documentary.
Inside Job

That is all for now. The weather is nice, spend some time outside.

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