Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Time is Near.... and Barnum at the Ivoryton Playhouse

Recently I went to my parents home and I helped to decorate. My Grandmother came to live with my parents and she brought the houses that go underneath the tree. I helped set them up at my parents home along with my Mother's Nativity. Here are the images.
Here is the Nativity
Last night I went to see Barnum at the Ivoryton Playhouse. It was absolutely wonderful. Bruce Connelly played Barnum, and Beverley Galpin played his wife Charity. It was a circus load of fun.

Photo by Anne Hudson
The show was magnificent and lots of fun and full of life. Phineas Taylor Barnum is the Prince of Humbug. He is a born showman and loves a life full of color. He is not the type of man who would be comfortable working in a little cubicle in an office.   It is a show you should not miss. I loved it. The clowns were cute and wonderful. There was a magician and trapeze artists. Opening night is tonight. Your children will love it.

The Ivoryton Playhouse is also selling Boy Scout Ornaments. The 2010 Ornament is of the Ivoryton Playhouse. They are $10 a piece and they are beautiful.

Explore new things, see new shows, and whip up new dishes.

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