Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

It has been slow getting back into the swing of things. It is hard to believe that I haven’t written since before Thanksgiving.

I downloaded a journal, which I started using. I like the setup because it allows for compartmentalization. It also allows me to put in info about the weather.

For Christmas I took my mother to see Mamma Mia! At the Bushnell thanks to Quinnipac University. It was absolutely excellent. I loved to see the dancers dance and boy can they jump. Everyone cheered and there was a standing ovation.

That same week my Mother volunteered at the Ivoryton Playhouse and saw The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever. It was fun with all the kids performing.

The next day I went with my Mother to visit Mark Twain’s house in Hartford. Upon entering the house we were greeted with carolers. In the museum entrance they have a Mark Twain made out of LEGO®, and in another room they had his home made out LEGO®. It was beautiful and full of so much detail work from the wood to the stenciling.

We then went to the Harriet Beecher Stowe house which was right next store. Her life was amazing. Her husband was a professor and she was home raising her kids, but she wanted to make some money on the side so she wrote books. In 1852, Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published and she made $10,000. Because of her work there was the underground railroad into Canada.

For the holiday I made a number of recipes. For thanksgiving, I went to my boyfriend’s brother’s home in New York. I brought as a gift a Cider Pumpkin Bread.

And here is the recipe which I found in the 12th Anniversary A.R. Mazzotta

I also made a Cranberry-Orange Brie which I do not have a picture of but is a family favorite.

I made Salmon Dill Dip for the company party. For my brother's birthday on Christmas Eve I made Ultimate Fudge Brownies. They are a cake-like brownie.

This recipe came from The Brownie Experience Cookbook by Lisa Tanner. Here is the recipe.

These brownies were a hit!! 

That is all for now.

Be adventurous in all things!



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