Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Baking: Peppermint Snickerdoodles

Peppermint Snickerdoodles was an exciting new recipe for me to try. I have had snickerdoodles, and although wonderful cookies, I find the peppermint snickerdoodles quiet extraordinary. The candy cane gives the snickerdoodles spunk or wham.  You can't miss the taste of the peppermint candy cane.

English: A candy cane.
English: A candy cane. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Perfect for a holiday gathering, perhaps one this weekend.
I followed Baking Bites recipe for Peppermint Snickerdoodles. It was very easy.
Food, family and friends are what makes the holidays special. Food is what brings them together. The next best thing to do is to share.
All ready for Christmas!

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