Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It is Time to Get Artistic in the Bakery ... How about a Zebra Cake

Here is the Zebra Cake that was made for my Grandma's birthday.
Here is the zebra cake inside. Definitely an artistic delight. The icing gave it that extra dark chocolate fudge goodness.
This is the cake mix I used, although it should be noted to make a two layer cake, you need two boxes of cake mix. The cake mix is Chef Duff Goldman's from Charm City Cakes in Baltimore.

Chef Duff and Michael's
Chef Duff and Michael's (Photo credit: Stacie Joy for CTTC)
Here is Chef Duff if you haven't seen him before. He is not your average cake baker. His friends who help him decorate the cake aren't your average cake decorators, but I think most people have heard the story. He has personality.

Here is a layer...

Picture perfect.
If you take your time you can have a beautiful cake, and beautiful cake slices.
It was yummy!

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