Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crispy Chicken from the Longhouse at Mohegan Sun

This meal took some time to prepare. There was a couple of hours of pre-preparation plus I let the chicken sit overnight before cooking. If you are expecting guests this is the meal to make. This meal has lots of flavor,. It has Julia Child's one ingredient no meal should be without ingredient - butter.  And if you have chicken eaters who won't touch the dark meat - this is an ideal dish.
Here is a picture of the restaurant at Mohegan Sun where this meal would have been served.
I have eaten at a number of restaurants at the Mohegan Sun, including this one -  but this restaurant is no longer at Mohegan Sun.
This meal comes from Under the Mohegan Sun Cookbook which I purchased while at the casino in Connecticut..
Here is the recipe.
What is really tasty is what is inside the chicken.
The buttery sauce lent so much flavor to the meal. You should make sure you have some of the butter you prepared for the meal set aside to serve on other side dishes you have prepared.  The meal is worth the work.

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